Tuesday, November 20, 2012

(Kurasakan sekarang...ep.23) Lumba lari dgn Teknologi!!!

tetap nk update blog walopun thesis x siapa apa2 lg.. hahah
btw skang ni pening2... eh sebelum tu, entri kali ni bkn la bermaksud aku ni duit banyak. sbb duit sikit la aku nk post menda ni..

skang ni enset aku uzur... hari tu xleh send mesej.. gelabah la desperate nk tkr enset.. enset idaman kalbu adlah>>> Samsung Galaxy Note 2 yg baru kuar tu.. harga RM2199.. mak aiii mahal nau.. bleh dpt emas dirham da tau!

tapi, skang ni tgh berkira2, berbaloi ke nk amek Note 2 tu??? sbb Note 1 skang dah trun harga RM1700 da dapat da... bezanya yg ketara pun, internal processor je... dr dual-qore kepada quad-core. (jgn ko tanya ape mnda ni.. aku xtau nk explain.. haha)

papepun, jom check dulu comparison spec antara galaxy note original dgn note 2. bleh check kat Web Ni

so, aku dah xtau mane lg ok.. mcm membazir je nk beli Note 2 ni... 500 kot beza. bleh beli macam2 lg.. huhu ape pendapat korg?

tapi aku suke conclusion yg ni:

There is a brand new sheriff in town when it comes to the battle of stylus-laden big screen phones, of which now there are precisely two, and the Note II is a no-brainer upgrade from its predecessor.

Not that the Note II is that much more compact, compared to the original - it is still a beast, but with an even larger display now. That screen alone, however, is worth the upgrade - it is the best phone screen Samsung has ever produced, and addresses all weak points of Super AMOLED displays so far in one fell swoop.

The 24% increase in battery size alone is worth the upgrade, too, as it brings top-notch endurance to the handset, and the juicer is on top of that replaceable.

Or, if you are buying a Note for the fact that it sports a stylus silo, you’d be happy to hear that the S Pen is much improved in the Note II, easier to handle, with a more natural ink flow, and a number of handy new features like Air View and Pop Up Note.

These three in aggregate make the Note II worth it for those that are upgrading from the original, and for first time buyers. When we throw in the much faster camera capture, the stronger loudspeaker, and the software superiority of the Note II with the latest Android Jelly Bean, and the versatile Nature UX, the only thing holding you back to pick a Note II before a Note would be disposable income.

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