Wednesday, April 6, 2011

(Wacana Ilmu...ep.12) Malaysia Boleh!!! Malaysian Can Speak English Better Than The Others. No 1 in Asia. (Ko mampu???)

Huaaaa.... Im juz read an article about the ranking of countries & territories by English proficiency.
Who knows Malaysia ranked as the No 1 in Asia in english proficiency among other asian countries that always saying Malaysian's English was very bad.


huhu, u noe wat, when i juz viewing siti nurhaliza's or jac's vidz on youtube (actually, u can find out their comments (pinoys especially) criticise our singer, comparing with their singer-singing english song.... ), there'll be some people keep claiming as their english is verrrry good compared to malaysian people. they said, our english cant be understood by them.... WTH~ huhu... so, this article show us the truth isnt it?
Who say our English is very lousy???!
Malaysia ranked No. 1 in English in Asia region or overall ranking of 9th (high English proficiency level) out of 44 non-native countries where English is not the mother tongue, according to English Proficiency Index (EPI) announced on March 30 by Education First, a global education center.
We should be proud of our so-called MANGLISH, instead! 
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